Eyebrow Threading: Long-lasting Beauty Tip from The Ancients

Eyebrow Threading: Long-lasting Beauty Tip from The Ancients

Has anyone recognized that you completely look like another person after drawing your eyebrow shape? 

Without a doubt, the shape and color of our eyebrows have a great impact on the balance of our facial ratio. However, to make this shape perfect, we need to wax the eyebrow before drawing to remove unwanted hair. 

Interestingly, waxing is not the only method for shaping your eyebrow. In this article, we’ll introduce eyebrow threading, one of the long-lasting beauty tips discovered centuries ago and is still being practiced in our time. 

If you want to figure out why eyebrow threading is loved by thousands of beauty bloggers worldwide, keep scrolling to the end to discover this ancient technique for yourself!

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

eyebrow threading


Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair-removal method that has been practiced for centuries in Asia and the Middle East. 

Some people may think threading will remove a layer of our skin and thus make it more vulnerable to sun damage. In fact, it doesn’t. With this brow-shaping method, you can achieve a graceful brow that frames the eye beautifully with clean, well-defined edges.

Using a cotton thread to remove hair has been known for thousands of years in Asia. In addition to styling eyebrows, it is also used to remove hairs from the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. With threading, you can remove even the shortest and finest hair!

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

eyebrow threading


Did you ever see someone with incredibly defined eyebrows who explained it was because they threaded them? The reason lies in the fact that eyebrow threading allows brow technicians to achieve incredibly defined arches on top of all the benefits mentioned above. 

The threading process is very precise and can remove whole lines of hair and single hairs in small areas. Therefore, if you want a method that shapes eyebrows more precisely, eyebrow threading is the way to go.

You might wonder what the procedure looks like. Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you!

The procedure is simple: first, twist a long piece of natural, 100% cotton thread in a loop-like manner. The thread will map out the shape of the eyebrows, the arch, and where the hair needs to be removed. The technician will then glide twisted thread across the skin to remove the hair.

Finding The Right Shape For Your Face



As you all know, the shape of your eyebrows plays an important role in balancing our facial ratio. However, it’s not easy to choose the right shape for your eyebrow, especially those who have just got familiar with makeup and eyebrow threading. 

Hence, in this section, let’s talk about eyebrow shape. Each person’s face is unique, and we want to shape our brows to look the best on that particular face shape. 

Here is the rundown on the best eyebrow shapes for some face shapes. 

  • Round-Shaped Faces

Round-shaped faces should have sharper brow. If you have a more defined arch and sharper edges, you will appear to have a longer face.

  • Long-Shaped Faces

For people with long faces, a full, short eyebrow is best. It gives the impression of a fuller face with a softer brow. 

  • Oval-Shaped Faces

Don’t stress too much about your face shape if you have an oval face. The key is, to keep them as natural as possible! Regularly trim your eyebrows to keep them neat.

DIY Eyebrow Threading

If you’ve had threading done before, you may be interested in trying it yourself. With a little effort, patience, and practice, you can learn how to do it yourself. 

As it’s the first time you’re threading your eyebrows, we highly recommend that you should ask for a makeup professional to demonstrate the best shape for your face. You can easily find a skillful artist nearby by visiting JustServ, a platform for hundreds of beauty salons and spas in the U.K. 

Additionally, YouTube offers lots of video guides if you’re a visual learner and need an extra hand after an opinion from a technician.

Before you start, a long 100% cotton thread and dry, clean hands are all you need to thread eyebrows.

Learning anything takes time, so don’t expect perfect results immediately. Here we provide a quick step-by-step tutorial to thread your eyebrows on your own safely: 

Step 1: Determine the shape of your eyebrows. Using a pencil eyeliner, you can mark your arches and general shape.

Step 2: Use natural cotton thread. Cut about a 10-inch piece and tie it at the ends to make a loop.

Step 3: Put the loop on. Twist the thread tightly about four times around both index and middle fingers.

Step 4: Place the thread at the edge of the eyebrow. Pick the hair out by its tips, using your fingers to lift them.

Step 5: Apply natural moisturizer or aloe vera cream to soothe the skin.

REMEMBER: After an eyebrow threading session, ensure that you don’t apply makeup to your eyebrow area because your pores are still open. Instead, use some skincare products that provide hydration for your skin and loosen your pores.

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?


The majority of our customers agree that eyebrow threading is not uncomfortable. The biggest benefit of using threads to remove individual hair is that this method can minimize skin irritation compared to waxing or using depilatory products.

Plus, the threading process does not take much time, which is around 5-7 minutes, once every two weeks. Threading can also be applied for the upper lips area (3 minutes to complete), and for all faces (15 minutes)

What Is The Cost Of Eyebrow Threading?


The cost of eyebrow threading is relatively low, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get perfectly groomed eyebrows, even when you visit a beauty salon and ask professionals to do it for you. 

Now you know a lot more about eyebrow threading. We hope this reduces any fears you have. In case you’re looking for a trustworthy beauty spa and salon that offers safe, quality eyebrow threading, JustServ can be an ideal place for you. After browsing through all the service providers, you can make an online booking with the most suitable professional you want with a few clicks. This helps you save time and gets rid of long queues when you visit a salon.

Don’t hesitate to follow JustServ to get the latest updates about beauty trends!

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