Safe Tricks to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Safe Tricks to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

No one can deny that makeup embodies the power of a woman, and eyelash extensions play an important role in enhancing beauty. Although lashes look beautiful on our eyes, sometimes they can irritate you when you get them off at home, due to their material or the glue to stick them into your eyes. 

Some people choose to remove their eyelash extensions at a beauty salon, while others prefer to stay at home. In this article, we’ll be providing you with some best tricks to get this task done by yourself safely.

Is It Safe to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

The answer is NO. It can be risky because your professional artists use glue to apply the extensions to your natural lashes. In other words, these false lashes are not on your skin but on your actual lash. When you get them off, they can harm your natural lashes.

Furthermore, removing eyelashes at home may cause an infection. At beauty salons, sanitized tools, quality glue and eyelashes, and professional skills are ready to avoid any attacks on your eyeballs at a minimum level, which are not always available at home.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot remove your eyelashes at home, especially when you don’t have time to visit beauty salons and spas. The condition here is, you need to have a look at the tricks we provide in the next section!

Best Tricks to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home


In this part, we’ll provide you with some effective tips to get your eyelash extensions removed at the lowest possible risk to your natural lashes and eyeballs. In general, you’ll take advantage of natural oils as follows:

  • Vaseline is a beauty product of Unilever made of 100% petroleum jelly. The texture of Vaseline is quite dense. If it reaches your eyeball, your vision becomes blurry. In it, there are no infected ingredients.
  • Coconut Oil: We all know that coconut oil is a natural product, and we often use it in our routine life. It can be very helpful to get eyelash extensions off. But if you are allergic to it, opt for Vaseline instead.

Step-by-step Instruction on Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home out of Harm’s Way

As we mentioned previously, vaseline and coconut oil can help you remove eyelashes without going out to see your professional artist. However, it would be a little bit hard to do it yourself without a quick tutorial. Hence, we have this part as a guide to help you get your eyelashes off safely at home.

  • Clean your makeup with a specialized makeup remover and wash your face properly with a suitable cleansing gel or foam.
  • Let your face dry.
  • Take a hot bowl of water, cover your head with a thick and lengthy towel, and steam for 10-15 minutes. This stream will help to loosen the extension glue.
  • Take a cosmetics pad and apply some coconut oil or Vaseline. Please do it for 5 minutes and never try to open your eyes at that time. 
  • Wipe your upper and lower lash lines with this.
  • Repeat the same procedure with another side.
  • Please take off the extensions and gently clean any oil left on your face and eyes once they have come off.

Ye-hee! We hope that you get everything needed to remove your eyelash extensions at home safely. Remember to be careful and gentle because your natural lashes and eyeballs are prone to any outside effects. It may take time, so please be patient as well.

If all of that seems to be exhausting for you, you might want to consider the option of having your eyelash extensions professionally removed. You won’t have to face the risk of losing natural lashes, irritation, and other possible issues while removing lashes at home. 

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