Side Effects of Makeup & Skincare Tips For Good Skin

Side Effects of Makeup & Skincare Tips For Good Skin

In daily life, makeup becomes a regular routine for many girls no matter whether they go to school, college, or other common places. Besides, makeup shows its power when we take part in special occasions like proms or weddings. 

Indeed, makeup can transform your look. However, it can affect your skin badly if you ignore face cleansing and skincare routine after that and we’ll explain in detail in the next section.

So now you may wonder, is makeup harmful to the skin? And how can you practice good skincare after makeup? Let’s get right into addressing these questions in this article.

Does Makeup Harm The Skin?

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Makeup is a basic need of routine because it covers the bad condition of your skin especially when you have to show up at an important meeting, for example. Also, makeup brings a delightful look and physically boosts our energy. 

However, the bad news is, daily makeup possibly makes you suffer from skin problems. The reason lies in the fact that there are a lot of chemicals and components used in producing makeup products. 

Sometimes it may suit your skin, but sometimes it may not. Plus, the redundant substances of makeup combined with skin oil and dust will cause clogging pones, untimely aging, allergic reaction, and breakouts. 
Therefore, makeup is not good for your skin, UNLESS you pay attention to cleansing and skincare after putting these substances on your face. To keep your skin always looking great with makeup, let’s keep reading as we’ll suggest the best skincare tips in the next paragraphs!

Best Skincare Tips For Brightful Skin After Makeup

Pick the right cosmetics

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Everybody has a different skin type. You can’t use the same product just because someone else uses it; that benefits the skin. Do you think it is good for you too? No, because you have different skin types or tones. Any skin, whether dry, oily, sensitive, or anywhere in between.

You have to pick suitable products for your skin that don’t cause any allergic reaction.

Get to know the composition

We all have different skin types including normal, oily, dry, combination (a mix of both oily and dry in separate parts of your face, or your skin condition changes depending on season), and sensitive (which is prone to irritation). Hence, we can’t use the same makeup products just because someone else uses them and the substances work well on their skin. 
Instead, you have to pick suitable products for your skin to avoid causing any allergic reaction. To do so, it’s vital to have basic knowledge about the functions of some commonly-used substances in makeup products, which will be covered in the next section.

In some cases, poor skin conditions can be caused by irritants found in your makeup products. Several cosmetics contain numerous ingredients, some of which you may be allergic to. If your skin starts to burn and irritate you, immediately stop using that product, and visit doctors if needed.

The most effective way to find makeup products that won’t cause damage to your skin is by choosing products made with natural or plant-based ingredients. They are famous for being formulated with mild elements, which are suitable for sensitive skin and thus minimize irritation.
We highly recommend that before buying any makeup products, don’t forget to take a look at their ingredient list. If you’re not a beauty expert, spending time doing simple research on the Internet about the function of outstanding substances within the product does wonder for your skin.

Give your skin a break

You can always take a break from cosmetics, no matter your skin type because our pores need to “breathe” as well. Try going a couple of days without makeup each week to practice good skincare habits. Even if you don’t want to venture out without makeup, you can let your skin breathe at home.

Besides, keeping your skin hydrated will ensure it gets the rest it needs. To be specific, you can put on a face mask that contains hyaluronic acid to nourish your skin. In case you want your skin to be cleaned deep inside, it’s a good idea to opt for kaolin clay or green tea, especially during summer. 
However, the most important thing is still “considering your skin type” before using products, even makeup or skincare after makeup. You only need one ingredient to cause a breakout, so make sure it suits your skin and goals.

Last but not least skincare tips: Don’t sleep with makeup on

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After a long, tiring day, you may wish to go to bed without removing your makeup. But do you know your skin recovers during sleep? Your skin can’t repair itself if it sleeps with makeup on. 

Therefore, no matter how tired you are, use a gentle cleanser to remove all your makeup, and use a toner for double cleansing and prompt moisturization. These simple steps can help maintain a healthy, problem-free complexion even when using makeup. 

By following just a few simple skincare tips, you can minimize the negative effects of makeup on your skin. Specularly, you can consult a beauty or cosmetologist nearby on JustServ to help select the right makeup for your face type.

If you’re looking for the latest beauty and skincare tips to keep you looking gorgeous every day, just keep following JustServ, we bring more than you expect to the table!

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