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15ml Eyelash Glue Primer For Lash Extension Strength Glue Adhesive Bonding False Eyelashes Long Lasting Fixing Agent Glue Tools

15ml Eyelash Glue Primer For Lash Extension Strength Glue Adhesive Bonding False Eyelashes Long Lasting Fixing Agent Glue Tools

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15ml Eyelash Glue Primer For Lash Extension Overview:


Brand: Lash Primer

Size: 15ml

Material: For Eyelash Extension Glue

Origin: South Korea

Safety Precaution:

- Patch test: Before using any new eyelash glue primer or adhesive, perform a patch test on a small area of skin, such as the inside of your elbow or behind your ear. This helps identify any potential allergic reactions or sensitivities to the product.

- Read the instructions: Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully before using the eyelash glue primer. Pay attention to any warnings, precautions, or recommended application techniques.

- Avoid contact with eyes: Take care to avoid getting the primer into your eyes during application. If any product comes into contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

- Keep away from children and pets: Store eyelash glue primer and all lash extension products out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or exposure.

- Follow recommended storage guidelines: Store the eyelash glue primer in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

How To Use Eyelash Glue Primer For Lash Extension:

1. Shake the primer: Eyelash glue primers typically come in a small bottle with a brush applicator. Shake the primer bottle well before use to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed.

2. Apply a small amount: Dip the brush applicator into the primer solution, making sure to only coat the tip of the brush with a small amount of product. You don't need to saturate the lashes with primer; a thin, even layer is sufficient.

3. Brush onto the lashes: Gently sweep the primer along the base of the natural lashes where the extensions will be applied. Ensure that you cover all the lashes evenly, from the inner to the outer corners of the eye. Be careful not to get the primer into your eyes.

4. Wait for it to dry: Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding with the lash extension application. This usually takes about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the formula and environmental conditions.

5. Apply the lash extensions: Once the primer has dried, you can start applying the lash extensions using your preferred technique. The primer creates a clean, oil-free surface for the adhesive to adhere to, resulting in a stronger bond and longer retention of the extensions.

6. Cleanse the lashes: After the lash extension application is complete, it's essential to cleanse the lashes again to remove any residue, including leftover primer. Use a lash extension-safe cleanser and a clean mascara wand or lash brush to gently cleanse the lashes without tugging or pulling on them.

By following these steps, you can effectively use eyelash glue primer to ensure a secure and durable bond for your lash extensions, resulting in beautiful, long-lasting results.


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