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Eyelash Cleaning Tool Set 60ML Transparent Green Plastic Foam Pump Bottle Grafting Eyelash Cleaning Brush Reusable Pump Bottle

Eyelash Cleaning Tool Set 60ML Transparent Green Plastic Foam Pump Bottle Grafting Eyelash Cleaning Brush Reusable Pump Bottle

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Lash Cleaning Tool Set Overview:


Size: 60ml

Model Number: ssx1037

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Product Description:

100% brand new and high quality item

All pump bottles are empty and do not contain any liquid

Foam Pump Bottle Features:

- Capacity: 60ML

- Material: Bottle body PET, pump head PP, Cap PP.

- Dimensions: Mouth 30mm, Diameter 36mm, Bottle Height 90mm, Shoulder Height 80mm, Overall Height 131mm, Circumference 115mm.

Plastic Bottle Features:

- Each Soap Bottle has a Lid to ensure that the Liquid will not overflow when carrying it, the tight thread design can prevent leakage, the air bubble design can save your material and generate dense air bubbles to better clean your Skin.

Cleaning Brush:

- Size: Approximately 9.6*1cm

- Material: Nylon Brush + Aluminum Tube + PS Plastic Rod

- Color: Crystal Pole Blue

- Uses: These Cleansing brushes can help you clean the dirt, sebum and blackheads on the nose, eyes and lips, keep your face clean and refreshed; Use this cleansing brush to clean your face regularly, reduce external irritation to the skin and keep your skin clean.

Tube Mascara Brush With Drill:

- Size: Approx. 11*1.2cm

- Material: Plastic Tube + Nylon Brush

- Features: The Base with Drill is easy to control, the Base is thicker and easy to use, not easy to slip by hand, dual-purpose for eyebrows and eyelashes, the arc is adjustable, and the straight head/bent head-brush head can be adjustable at will.

Mascara Brush and Plastic Bottle are Versatile:

The Mascara brush is suitable for mascara, eyelash growth serum, hairline and eyebrows; it can hold serum, moisturizing lotion, water, makeup remover and lotion in one clear plastic bottle, very easy to use and clean.

Eyelash Storage:

Dimensions: Approx. 13*17.8cm

Color: White

Material: EVA New Material

What you will receive:

- Eyelash Shampoo Brush Soap Bottle Set

- 10pc Eyelash Brushes

- 10 pcs Eyelash Storage Bags

- 10 pcs Peel Off Blackhead Nose Cleansing Brushes

- 10pcs empty plastic foam reusable bottles

Benefits of Lash Cleaning Tool Set:

1. Maintains Hygiene: Regularly cleaning your eyelashes is crucial for preventing bacteria buildup, infections, and eye irritation. A lash cleaning tool set typically includes tools designed to effectively remove residue, makeup, and debris from lashes, helping to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of eye-related issues.

2. Prolongs Lifespan of Lashes: Proper cleaning can extend the lifespan of eyelashes or extensions. By removing built-up dirt, oils, and makeup residue, the cleaning process helps preserve the integrity of the lashes, preventing premature shedding or damage.

3. Convenience: A lash cleaning tool set typically includes various tools specifically designed for cleaning lashes, such as brushes, applicators, and cleaning solutions. Having these tools on hand makes the cleaning process more convenient and efficient, ensuring that individuals can easily incorporate lash maintenance into their beauty routines.

4. Improved Adhesion: Clean lashes provide a better surface for adhesive application, ensuring a stronger and longer-lasting bond between the false lashes or extensions and the natural lashes. Proper cleaning removes any residue that may interfere with adhesion, helping to maintain a secure and comfortable fit throughout wear.

Overall, investing in a lash cleaning tool set can contribute to healthier, longer-lasting, and more comfortable wear of false eyelashes or extensions, while also promoting good eye hygiene.


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